So, with the news not being great about my ankle injury, I will focus on my eating (which I am doing anyways but it's something to keep my mind in check because I'm slowly suffering from cabin fever… Slowly…)

Breakfast below:

5 vitabrits, banana, blueberries and almond milk

Energy intake:

Vita Brits: 1224kJ

Banana: 510kJ

Blueberries: 164kJ

Almond Milk 325kJ


Total: 2223kJ


All calories calculated from


So woke up this morning and could barely stand on my right leg. Took me an hour to have a shower and breakfast then another hour to walk on crutches to the doctors, what would normally be a 15 min walk.

CT scan and ultrasound completed, now it's the waiting game… Well 2 days max.

A little bit annoyed and frustrated as I had finally found my groove in training but now I have to really focus on my eating.

But staying positive through it all, it's not going to stop anything, merely a bump in the road.


So, I woke up this morning feeling really great. Then I stood on my right ankle and felt like I was going to collapse. The swelling had remained from Saturday and the pain was unbearable.

Walking to the doctor’s in pain, I wanted to chop my foot off and run free even if it’s on a stump.

Doctor told me that there’s nothing to worry about. I had taken the right steps in elevating and icing but I had not put any compression. I had not broken the ankle but more than likely had a slight tear of ligaments. The ligaments are bleeding out which is causing irritation and hence the pain.

Great news. I have gone home and now resting up. But whilst I’m resting up, I have to make sure I’m eating right.

I have been blessed in life to have a wide network of friends and their support in everything that I do.

Some of the things I have noticed this week are my friends and family being there and motivating me

Mum’s birthday was on Wednesday and she was happy for me having made my decision to look after myself first.

She called today just to say “Son, I’m so happy you’re looking after yourself, keep going and keep working at it”

Surrounding myself with good people is one of the best things I have done in my life and hope to keep them all close to me as I grow older.

I want to replicate this in my health and mental well being.